The Post That Started It All

I’ll never forget where I was when Jonathan Wegener posted this article, naming us one of the “Top 5 Pre-Funded Startups to Watch in NY”. It was the summer of 2010, and there were only of few of us (Kim O’Rourke and Cory Grude) working at SinglePlatform.  I was on the rooftop of my apartment in Brooklyn (our then office), and I received a google alert. When I look back at all the moments of SinglePlatform, this is one of my happiest moments. I remember calling Cory and Kim about it, feeling like we had just won the world series. It was the first time I allowed myself for a couple hours to just breath and smile, as it was the first sign that I had made the right decision to leave my job and work family at SeamlessWeb. The post generated a lot of buzz in the VC community and firms started reaching out to us, giving me the confidence I needed going into fundraising. Jonathan should be a VC considering he also picked Yipit and Kickstarter. Jonathan ended the post by writing, “This ones gonna be big…”, which was our first of many rallying calls. Thank you Jonathan!

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